Pallavi Thampi | User Experience Designer
Toronto based User Experience Designer & Researcher with experience in start-ups, non-profits & government.

Pallavi Thampi | User Experience Designer

I'm Pallavi, I design digital experiences and platforms which put people first.

Live from the stage/my workspace

Hi, I'm Pallavi. 



I'm a Toronto-based Designer driven by curiosity, empathy and the desire to create immersive and engaging user experiences which put people first. Drawn to personal powerful communication straddling art and design, I've exhibited work in Toronto and Paris. In 2015 I was engaged in a month-long residency in Tampere, Finland working with collage and found poetry. 

When I'm not designing, I can be found writing, working on my left hook, queuing podcasts, taking portraits, and trying to avoid being doored on my bike.

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